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Working with S. Edwards (Welsh Artist) we were very happy to be asked to attempt to re-create the ultimate light show on earth ‘THE AURORA BOREALIS’ also known as the ‘Northern Lights’.
This was an art project named ‘Aurora’ which continued a series of installations that were contemporary representations of natural phenomena shown in the context of a gallery.
The movement, flow and indeed the intense different colours of light was achieved by using neon of varying colours. Turquoise, green, blue, white and red were chosen and the tubes were wired through auto dimmers so as one circuit of light was dimming down another was dimming up, giving a wonderful array and mix of colour and light movement.
Strategically placed mirrors were also put in place to reflect light at different angles, this was all placed behind a false wall in the gallery which had a window of etched glass which measured 4metres x 0.5metre (aprox 13ft x 2ft) to diffuse, spread, soften and hold the light.

(Full fabrication photos not available due to flood damaged photographs)

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