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Working with L. B. Booth (American Artist) we were thrilled to be chosen to be the neon fabricators for ‘The Illumination Show’. A most prestigious art project where the accuracy and the quality of the neon was paramount. We sculpted white neon to an exact match of the personal handwriting of some of the worlds most unique individuals. Each person that was selected for the project shared the common ground of having achieved things of great magnitude in their lifetime.

The artist 'Booth' asked each person to write a word or statement that meant something to them personally, in the hope that their words would also serve to inspire other people.

Once written, the word or statement was then transformed and eternaly captured in neon light. The art project was very ambitious and took the artist many years of work to compile the collective.
The end result is that by capturing the words in such an iconic light form the artist has beautifully enhanced the character and personality of all the writings and created a wonderful visual that draws you in and allows you to slowly explore the spirit and meaning of each individuals thoughts.

The exhibition of these works will be shown worldwide and all proceeds are pledged to charity.

The people who have taken part in ‘The Illumination Show’ include: His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Bono, Rupert Murdoch, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sir Paul Mc Cartney, Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, Warren Buffet, James Turrell, Lord Rothschild and many many more supreme names.

Please take the time to click on this website link www.theilluminationshow.com to see the full collection of the works. or click on the exhibition video below.

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