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We were very pleased to fabricate this neon art piece which was a simplistic astrological representation of a family.
The piece is entitled: Family Portrait (in colour)

Moon = Father

Sun = Mother

Blue Star & Green Star = 2 boys

Red Star & Yellow Star = 2 girls

The Father and Mother are connected as ‘one’ to represent love and unity. They are made from steel to represent strength. They emit a subtle halo glow of light to represent calm and wisdom. The Father is set as the highest and sits proudest of the group to represent protection. The Mother is absolute centre of the group to represent energy and life. The Children are vibrant and loud in colour to represent the excitement of youth and the amazing joy they bring to a family. This is set on a backdrop that emits a subtle halo glow of light and is shaped to represent an eternal window in time.

Father standing proud.....Kids living loud.....Mum like the sun, a warm glow for everyone!

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