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We were extremely pleased to be asked to Work with S. Montoya (Colombian Artist) & Halcyon Gallery (Mayfair - london) on the fabrication & realisation of Three Light Art Sculptures named Zephyrus I, II & III that formed part of Montoya's 2012 collection 'The Great Swindle'. Montoya is a multi disciplined artist who works with painting, sculpture, objects and video mediums, and in this collection he uses his skills to set out and explore all aspects of 'Money' using bank notes and monetary coupons both rare 'non circulation' form and 'new' from all around the world to create contemporary artworks that question such things as, world trade relations and values, the use of money in political propaganda, east and west monetary and trade dependencies and in the case of the Zephyrus Light Art Sculptures he studies the art and decoration of the bank note itself and looks at the multi layer printing process of simple shapes and lines that culminate to create intricate geometric lathe work patterns on the bank note background. He also explores the use of different light forms ie: infa red and ultra voilet light which is used internationally in the detection of monetary forgery.

The complexity of the design meant that it was not possible to create such a piece using normal fabrication 'up and under' glass crossover techniques so we ended up achieving the end visual via two anti clockwise spirals of shapes that interlocked and was set over 7 different levels, the 7th level hiding the wiring from face view. Zephyrus I was made from Colbalt Blue Glass, Zephyrus II was made from Ruby Red Glass and Zephyrus III was made from UV Black Glass. All layers of glass was set on a satin stainless steel super structure measuring 1100mm in diameter which housed all the electrics and control gear inside the sculpture itself thus creating a stunning wall mounted Neon Light Art Sculpture with a clean and sharp contemporary finish.

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